Undercover heroin deal goes bad

By Patricia Bogumil

Staff Writer

A former Waterford resident is charged with multiple felonies for allegedly making an undercover drug buy go bad.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Racine County Circuit Court:

The defendant had agreed to work as a confidential informant (CI) with a Racine County Sheriff’s Department Metro Drug Unit agent.

At the request of the sheriff’s department, the defendant’s identity is not being released.

In August, an undercover drug officer was stationed in a vehicle outside a township home as a second CI was inside attempting to buy heroin.

While the second CI was inside, the defendant drove by, stopped in front of the undercover officer’s car, looked directly at the agent and vehicle, and drove away.

Shortly afterward, the potential seller rushed outside to the officer’s vehicle in a confrontational manner, opened the back door, spoke with the officer and walked away.

The second CI then got into the officer’s vehicle. He said the potential seller had received a phone call or text message identifying the undercover agent as a cop waiting outside.

Soon after, the defendant drove up and entered the potential seller’s home. The drug agent and second CI then left the scene.

The drug officer later reported receiving several text messages from the defendant, confirming that he had identified the agent as an officer.

In November, the drug agent interviewed the defendant at the Racine County Jail. The defendant stated that the potential seller was one of his targets that he wanted to get credit for.

He said he had become upset when he saw the drug officer waiting outside the home working with the second CI.

The defendant is now charged with one count of felony harboring or aiding a felon, six counts of felony bail jumping and one misdemeanor for obstructing an officer.

He faces up to 35 years, 3 months in prison; $70,000 in fines; or both. He is next scheduled to be in Racine County Circuit Court in January for a status conference.

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