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Feels good to be home

Many of you know me already.

You know, the youngest of six Ramczyks. My mom is Joni and has probably told you your sign and your most compatible mate.

My dad is a local baseball legend and has probably saved you a fortune on meat at Pick n’ Save.

My brother, Steve, was a Catholic Central star and still holds the single-season assist record 30 years later.

Mary Jo, Lisa and Julie all were ’Toppers, and Laura was a Demon. Four older sisters – ouch.

 Julie and her husband are Burlington Area School District teachers. I have several nieces and nephews that have graced the Burlington Standard Press and Waterford Post pages and even been named Athlete of the Week.

Personally, I was the guy with the dubious task of replacing Tony Romo as the starting quarterback at Burlington High School. Sure, I threw for more than 20 touchdowns in my high school career (it’s sad I remember, I know), but I never lived up to the all-state expectation left by the $100-million man.

What you may not know about me is that I spent the last five years at the Lake Geneva Regional News, an amazing newspaper that taught me the basics such as photography, layout and dealing with the community.

After nine months as reporter, I stepped up to the sports editor plate and hit a home run, beating out three strong candidates and earning the promotion.

But before that, in 2006 and 2007, I had the privilege of working in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel sports department. I learned the importance of deadlines and statistics. However, it all started at Southern Lakes Newspapers.

Shockingly, my very first playing gig at a real newspaper (college not included) was here in 2004. I think I remember going to a Union Grove basketball game and watching the Broncos get bucked mercilessly by Racine St. Catherine’s.

Yup, my career has truly come full circle. So let’s not talk about all the bells and whistles, let’s cut to the nitty gritty.

Why did I leave the Regional News when I had a good thing going?

First, this is my hometown. I’ve lived here my whole life. I drove to Waukesha and Whitewater for school and Lake Geneva for work. I even drove to Milwaukee for work and never moved there.

I am a former Demon. Coaches Berezowitz, Block, Burling, Staude and Gesteland are people I greatly admired and learned from. I still have a certain affinity for them to this day. It will be nice to work with them.

Second, sometimes you need a new challenge. While the Regional News was great, it got to a point where I was doing the same thing year after year and not growing. If you’re comfortable, you’re not growing.

Here, I will have more responsibility than ever, with managing and increased copyediting and layout responsibilities. I have the opportunity to bring real change in the social media, Internet and video aspects of the company.

And with the ability to oversee sports content for multiple newspapers, I can have a hand in everything and take this thing as far as I want.

Trust me, I want to take Burlington area sports to the highest of high levels. Live tweeting, new Facebook pages, blogging and videos are just a few things that we’re working on.

Finally, who can pass up a 1-mile, or 4-minute drive to work?

I live over by the old high school (now Karcher Middle School), the one I attended, and I could literally walk here if I wasn’t so lazy.

It’s only 100 miles, but that’s how much at least I’ll be saving on gas each week.

I can’t forget the team I’m joining. From top to bottom, this is a first-class company. Editor-in-Chief Ed Nadolski is a former sports editor who has already taught me a thing or two, and Jennifer Eisenbart knows the ins and outs of the community like nobody else.

Through the years, I’ve worked with Eisenbart at various events, and I’ve even consulted with her for tips on dealing with coaches and other sources.

With the three of us in tow, it may sound corny, but anything’s possible. It’s a new age. Five-year-olds are Skyping on their tablets, newborns have cell phones and middle-schoolers are writing code and virtually curing diseases.

It’s a brave new world of digital dominance, and I want Southern Lakes Newspapers to take it by storm.

Overall, my biggest goal is to get in good with the area’s people (if I don’t know you already) and move the Standard Press into the future with purpose.

 So kids, parents and fans: Live tweet every game you’re at, whether it’s soccer, football or rugby even. Text me or tweet @mikeramczyk17, and I will retweet your score. Let’s get every single scoring update online the moment it happens.

I can’t wait to serve the people of the community I’ve loved for 31 years. I’ve lived on Kendall Street, at the Boardwalk and now by the old high school, pretty much west side, downtown and the south side. It’s time I live in the hearts and minds of all you readers out there.

The best way to give back to your city is through your positive words of encouragement. Read my stuff, and comment on it and tell me what you think – good or bad.

One way or another, you will remember me.

Post your comments below or contact Mike Ramczyk at (262) 763-3330, extension 141, or by email at [email protected]


  1. Welcome home and good luck to you sir. I forward to viewing your work.

  2. Well written mike!! Miss ya bud. I still remember your report where we were supposed to be partners in high school. I sincerely forget mine…however yours was on ‘gravel pit’ by ol’ dirty bastard! Haha. Yet again another home run. Keep doin what your doin!

  3. Mike,

    Why is it that you feel the need to exaggerate on your athletic accomplishments? You were not the starting quarterback the year after Tony, you were a back-up, and unless you count touchdowns thrown at practice, you didn’t throw over 20 touchdowns in your high school career either. My advice to you is to worry about writing quality articles rather than wow the readers with your make believe “glory days”. Readers don’t care about that anyway, they just want to read good stories. Let’s only write facts from now on. Best of luck to you.

    Voice of Reason

  4. As I read this, I thought the same thing. Mike did not follow as quarterback when Romo graduated. Probably shouldn’t resort to untruths when being published.

  5. I was starting quarterback two years after Tony.
    This wasn’t about my “glory days.” Clearly, I addressed how my team and I weren’t that good.
    This was simply an introduction to the community and a history of my experience. I’m a Burlington guy through and through, and I can’t wait to meet all of you.
    Thanks for the comments! Didn’t know I’d strike such a nerve, LOL.