Back to the drawing board

Waterford Union High School District voters on Tuesday rejected a plan to borrow $19.75 million for upgrades and repairs to the school. (File photo)

Voters reject high school district’s borrowing plan

Officials in the Waterford Union High School District went back to the drawing board Wednesday after the district’s voters on Tuesday rejected their request to borrow $19.75 million for facility repairs and improvements.

Voters rejected the proposal by a 2,308-2,097 margin, according to the unofficial vote total provided by the Racine County Clerk’s Office.

The vote is a blow to the district, which is dealing with aging buildings and dated learning spaces.

The result comes three years after district voters approved a $10 million borrowing plan by just five votes that was used to upgrade science labs, create a technology center and expand its fitness center among other maintenance and safety improvements.

The proposal on Tuesday’s ballot was intended to further modernize existing facilities and address maintenance issued cause by aging infrastructure, according to district officials.

“We want to make better use of what we have,” Kate Brown, WUHS’ director of marketing and communications said in an interview prior to the vote. “We’re not looking to add any square feet.”

In January, when the referendum was approved, Superintendent Luke Francois said the referendum dollar figure and the list of improvements within the spending package were the outgrowth of a community survey and other outreach efforts.

“We have listened to our community stakeholders,” Francois said at the time.

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