School Board referendum set

Voters will decide whether district can exceed revenue limits by $8 million

By Julie Thomas


After months of discussion, the Burlington Area School District school board elected to pursue an operating referendum on the April 4 ballot.

An operating referendum seeks permission to exceed the revenue limit. The district is asking to exceed the current revenue limit by $8 million a year for three years.

Funds would be used for general operating expenses.

Wisconsin public school districts receive funding primarily from two sources: state general aid and local property taxes, according to school district officials. A formula determines the amount of funding that a district will receive.

“Schools using referenda have, by default, become part of the new Wisconsin school funding formula,” Superintendent Stephen Plank said.

Across Wisconsin, more than 80% of school districts have asked communities to exceed the revenue limit to cover the actual cost of educating K-12 students.

“The state has not provided us the proper revenue and theirs no indication that’s going to change,” School Board Member Berry Schmaling said at Monday’s meeting where the referendum was approved.

To read the entire story, see the Jan. 12 edition of the Burlington Standard Press.

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