Car wash gets green light

This is a photo of a car wash that is similar to one proposed for a site on Milwaukee Avenue in Burlington.

By Jason Arndt

Staff Writer

Tidal Wave Auto Spa, a Georgia-based company, plans to set up in the City of Burlington with a new full-service car wash facility.

The building will be on Milwaukee Avenue between Landmark Credit Union and Performance Tire and Auto Service.

The Plan Commission, which approved a Conditional Use Permit and Site Plan application on Tuesday, learned the site on 357 Wegge Court will include an express-style automated car wash tunnel and outdoor vacuum bays for customer use.

However, with approval, Tidal Wave Auto Spa will make multiple changes to the site such as removing two single-family residences and outbuildings as part of the project along with significant landscaping modifications.

“Development of the property will include new landscape plantings, exterior lighting, and signage,” City Planner Andy Cross, of the Lakota Group, wrote in a memorandum. “A stormwater retention pond will be installed on the rear portion of the property and screened from view by landscaping plantings.”

To make room for the stormwater retention pond, however, the developer plans to remove a substantial number of trees.

But the developer will offset the losses, according to the plan, which indicated 67 new trees will be planted on site.

“There are a lot of trees on the property,” Cross wrote in a memorandum, adding the present site contains 111 total trees, including 26 classified as quality native trees, with most considered weed trees.

To read the entire story see the Sept. 15 edition of the Burlington Standard Press.

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