Man says he saw Beast of Bray Road in Lyons

This is a photograph that Danny Morgan of Menomonee Falls took from his car on Jan. 27, 2018, of a dog-like beast walking on its hind legs near a rural road east of Elkhorn. A Lake Geneva man said he recently saw a similar beast on two occasions in the Town of Lyons. 

Lake Geneva resident claims he saw werewolf-like creature twice in one month

By Mike Ramczyk


With coronavirus affecting thousands, people afraid to leave the house and racial tensions running high in the United States, stories about werewolves can provide quite the necessary distraction.

But werewolves?


Around here, the Beast of Bray Road is a famous legend, known for its location on Bray Road, which starts along Highway 11 east of Elkhorn and winds west to Highway NN and I-43, just outside of Elkhorn Area High School.

There’s been a movie about this mythical beast, a 7-foot, hairy brown giant that has frightened locals who have claimed they saw it.

One of these locals is Lake Geneva resident Ron Rice.

Every once in awhile, Rice travels to the Town of Lyons for work, where he drops off fertilizer at a farm on Highway 36 just west of Church Road.

It’s a Burlington address, and there is a circle, gravel driveway where Rice loads up a truck with fertilizer. There are “deep woods,” according to Rice, about 150 feet away from the driveway.

Back in May, Rice was on a routine drop-off in broad daylight, sitting in his truck.

He looked into the distance, about 150 feet he thinks, and a figure caught his eye.

“This thing was huge, it was over 7-feet tall,” Rice said. “It was brown and hairy with coarse hair. It walked out and picked something up, then turned its back toward me and went back into the woods.”

Two weeks later, Rice said, he saw the beast again, and again it walked out of the woods and quickly returned.

According to Wikipedia, the beast is a werewolf-like creature, and the creature was first reported in 1936.

A rash of claimed sightings in the late 1980s and early 1990s prompted a local newspaper, the Walworth County Week, to assign reporter cover the story and the lore grew from there.

Southern Lakes Newspapers, the company that publishes this website, last reported on a sighting of the beast in February 2018. Danny Morgan reported seeing the beast about 10 p.m. Jan. 27 in the Town of Spring Prairie while driving from Lake Geneva to his home in Menomonee Falls. Morgan also provided a blurry cell phone photo of the beast that accompanies this story.

            To read the full story on the recent sightings see the July 9 edition of the Burlington Standard Press.

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