Burlington bans weapons in city buildings

It passes with no further discussion from aldermen

By Jennifer Eisenbart

Staff writer

Just two weeks after a lengthy discussion on what should be included in a local weapons’ ordinance, the City of Burlington Common Council on Tuesday unanimously approved banning weapons in city buildings.

There was no discussion at the meeting, except to bring the item up for a reading and to vote on it. The issue has become a hot button in many municipalities as gun rights advocates and those seeking to secure public buildings have stated their cases.

The reworked city ordinance will ban so-called “dangerous weapons” in city buildings as well as concealed carry in those buildings. Those weapons include firearms, knives with a blade three inches or longer, a bow or crossbow, an air gun, a switchblade knife, Billy club, etc.

People who apply for and receive a state license will be allowed to carry concealed weapons per the new state law that takes effect next month, but not in city buildings. City officials said two weeks ago that private businesses would have to decide whether or not to allow concealed carry.

Anyone allowed by the mayor or Common Council by a special exception would also be allowed to carry.

One such exception would be a death threat against a staff member, and that staff member being allowed a weapon to protect himself.

The ordinance had some minor revisions from the first draft, including allowing toy bows and arrows, as well as air pellet guns.

The ordinance will not regulate concealed or open area in city parks or other open areas.



  1. Seriously? Why can’t the city be like most other communities and just let the new state law speak for itself? Banning weapons in public buildings just gives the bad guys the advantage.

  2. Hey, “c’mon” it took you all of three minutes after the story hit the web before posting a comment. Seriously, do you people just cruise the net looking to get bent out of shape over this stuff?

  3. they will have to post alist of busnisses that dont allow guns or knives. So when I go down town to buy my geritol, I wont get in trouble. But thats ok, the armed staff member with zero training will be happy to assist.

  4. The fact that everyone can have a gun now is terrible. Facts prove that it doesnt prevent crime, it in fact escalates violence in situations..also, when the founding fathers put the right to bear arms in the constitution, I doubt they envisioned a country of 300 million people. It is not practicle today, we cant regulate it well enough to keep guns out of the hands of people who miss use them. It just does no good to allow everyone to carry.

  5. Clint
    I dont think you understand the cc concept. The permit is backed by a state and federal background check. Thats right about not regulating guns to keep them out of the hands of people that mis-use them. There are to many laws that protect the bad guy, and if someone did have a legit altercation with a bad guy, they usually pin all the blame on the good guy. Why, because he has assets. and you cant get blood from a banana. Oh by the way, If you think everyone is going to be carrying a weapon. Which one would you want to be standing by, when the cops dont get there in time and the bad guy is being disarmed. Dont be part of the problem, be part of the solution.