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Village panel advances DeGrave development

By Dave Fidlin

The planned residential development of recently annexed land into the Village of Waterford continued to move forward after a recent set of affirmative votes from a municipal panel.

Members of the village’s Plan Commission recently combed through the latest sets of details associated with Neumann Developments’ plans for 88 single-family residences and 60 multi-family units at the 65.58-acre DeGrave Farm property.

Commissioners at the Feb. 21 meeting approved an ordinance in support of Neumann’s subdivision plat, as well as a precise implementation plan for the overall development.

Additionally, commissioners gave their support toward Premier Waterford’s 60-unit multifamily housing component of the project.

Neumann in recent years has been discussing a multi-tiered, extensive residential development at the DeGrave site, which is bisected by South Loomis Road. Up until recently, the land was in the Town of Waterford, but has since been annexed into the Village of Waterford’s incorporated boundaries.

Village President Don Houston, who chairs the Plan Commission, said the core aspects of the plans largely have remained the same since they were first introduced.

“We’ve seen this numerous times,” Houston said to fellow commissioners at the recent meeting. “We’ve been over this. It hasn’t changed.”

The latest sets of details linked to the adopted resolution do flesh out some of the finer, more technical details associated with the project, including public utility routes.

In terms of the details associated with the multifamily component of the project, Houston said he viewed the placement as most ideal for the overall site.

“It’s tucked away, off by (Highway) 164,” he said. “To me, that’s the perfect place for it.”

Houston and other village officials have been touting the virtues of the entire project, citing still-high demand within the immediate area for housing stock, which has been in short supply.

The project is tied to one of the village’s active tax-increment financing districts. TIF districts are used as mechanisms to help fund infrastructure improvements in relation to the overall project.

A previously adopted memorandum of understanding also was adopted between the village and Neumann that outlines terms and conditions for utilities and infrastructure in relation to the overall project.

10-unit condo site also reviewed
The Village of Waterford Plan Commission also gave its support toward a proposed 10-unit condo development on an unaddressed parcel located off 6th Street.

During discussions at the recent meeting, Village Administrator Zeke Jackson indicated the project is located between 6th Street and a nearby bike path. The proposal also is in close proximity to a utility substation and an old dump site.

Jackson and other village officials said the proposal is considered the best use for the site, based on the configuration of the land and swamp-like conditions nearby that limit the extent of building on the parcel.

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