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Pitching pickleball in Waterford

Popular sport could come to the town with court reworking

By Dave Fidlin

Accommodations for the ever-popular sport of pickleball could come to Waterford Town Park in the near future after a local resident pitched the proposal at a recent meeting.

Town resident Deborah Renna sent municipal officials a letter, outlining the rationale and logistics for the potential sport accommodations. Renna attended the Town Board’s most recent meeting on May 13 to give further input on her proposal.

“Having resided in this charming town for 24 years, I’ve witnessed its evolution into a vibrant and dynamic community,” Renna wrote in her letter to the Town Board. “It’s with enthusiasm that I reach out to you today with a proposal concerning the enhancement of our local park.”

In her correspondence to town decision-makers, Renna said she believed Waterford Town Park would be an ideal spot for the sport.

“Throughout the years, Waterford Town Park has been a hub of activity, attracting residents and visitors alike for various recreational pursuits, from events to picnics,” Renna wrote. “Now, I’m hopeful we can introduced another engaging activity to the park: pickleball.”

Town Chairwoman Teri Jendusa Nicolai acknowledged Renna’s request at the recent board meeting.

“I know it’s the new cool thing to do,” Jendusa Nicolai said.

The chairwoman, however, did ask Renna to clarify her use of the word “repurpose” for the existing basketball court at the park. Jendusa Nicolai asked Renna if she was proposing the existing courts be removed, to which Renna said that was not part of her proposal.

“You could do both of them at the same time,” Renna said. “You would just have the lines. People would just bring their own nets, and they’re light and easy to set them up and take them down so you’ll have dual purpose.”

Jendusa Nicolai, in response to Renna’s clarification, said, “That’s good because my son plays basketball.”

The Town Board asked Public Works Director Ken Hinz to weigh in on the proposal, and he heartily endorsed it.

“It’s certainly a good idea,” Hinz said. “A lot of people have asked me in the past about pickleball courts, and we’ve never really gone any further than today. It’s certainly something to look into – that’s for sure.”

At the direction of the Town Board, Hinz is in the process of drawing up a quote for the work, which would include repainting some of the existing lines within the court to accommodate the sport.

Plans call for Hinz reporting back to the board with a proposed cost at the upcoming regular monthly board meeting on June 10.

Renna expressed gratitude to the board for hearing her request and reiterated her belief the pickleball court would be a positive addition to the community if it is implemented.

“The neighborhood is just lovely,” she said. “It would be a lot of fun. It’s a great park.”

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