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Council poised to endorse police department repairs

By Jason Arndt

The City of Burlington Police Department could undergo some repairs and improvements under a $110,000 contract the Common Council plans to consider at a Jan. 16 meeting.

The Common Council reviewed the contract with Berglund Construction Company, of Kenosha, during Tuesday’s Committee of the Whole meeting.

Police Chief Brian Zmudzinski said the city completed an assessment in December 2022 that revealed deteriorated concrete with exposed rebar in the basement along the western wall of the facility at Jefferson Street.

“The damage assessment revealed cracking, spalling, showing exposed rebar and anchor bolts of the concrete piers in the basement of the police department, with steel support columns resting on concrete piers,” Zmudzinski said. “In addition to the column repair, the city has been planning to replace the concrete approach aprons to the garage of the building since 2022.”

Last year, the Common Council endorsed a task order with Kapur and Associates, which took responsibility for engineering service, design, bid assistance, construction management, inspection and oversight for the apron replacement and column repairs for the police department.

City officials solicited proposals for the project on two occasions, beginning last November, before receiving two bids.

Berglund Construction Company proposed $110,000, while Scherrer Construction, of Burlington, submitted a bid for $113,000 with city officials recommending Berglund because of its lower bid.

Zmudzinski said both proposals came in under the original estimate of $115,500.

Thomas Preusker, of District 4, expressed disappointment that only two contractors submitted proposals.

City Engineer Greg Governatori, of Kapur, said he attempted to reach out to more contractors, but only received two proposals and that not many contractors carry expertise to undertake the project.

The project is being funded through a 2022 general obligation issuance as well as remaining dollars through the city’s American Rescue Plan Act funds.

“Based on the review of the bids, the review of the bidders qualification statement, previous experience and discussions with the city and DPW, it is our recommendation to award the Police Department Structural Repairs contract to Berglund Construction Company,” Zmudzinski said.

Officials estimate completion of necessary repairs and improvements by June 28 of this year.

Damage determination
Shad Branen, of District 1, asked Zmudzinski if officials discovered the root cause of the damages to the police department’s foundation.

In response, Zmudzinski noted many factors, including the historic flood of 2017.

“I think a lot of the discussion early on was the exposed water damage from the 2017 flooding, some of the construction impacts from the Jefferson Street construction as well as general wear and tear,” Zmudzinski said.

District 3 alderman Tom Vos asked about the general lifespan of the improvements.

While Governatori said he is unsure of precise details, he estimated anywhere between 75 to 100 years, which hinges on many factors.

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