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Township seeks traffic study on Highway 142 speed

By Jason Arndt

The Burlington Town Board submitted a request to the state Department of Transportation for a traffic study on Highway 142 between the Burlington Bypass and Highway J.

Rachel Naber, Town Administrator, said the request made at a March 9 meeting comes after repeated concerns of speeding on the state highway.

“The town has received concerns from residents about the speeding and increased traffic on Highway 142,” Naber said in an email. “With Highway 142 being a state highway, the speed limit is controlled by the Wisconsin DOT.”

The current posted speed limit is set at 55 mph.

According to a letter sent to the DOT, Town of Burlington officials simply want the agency to review the posted speed limit, and further examine traffic.

“As appointed executives for the Town of Burlington, this memo is to formally request the Wisconsin State Department of Transportation to evaluate and study the current speed limit on State trunk Highway 142 between the Hwy 36 Bypass and County Trunk Highway J in Racine County and whether a reduction in speed limit is supported.”

Naber said she and others hope the request from the Burlington Town Board would lead to a desirable outcome.

The Town Board, she said, needed to make the request before the state agency could look into the matter.

“We are hoping with the request from the town supervisors, the Wisconsin DOT will perform a traffic study as the Wisconsin DOT needs the support of the local municipality before they will look into any speed changes,” Naber said.

The matter was originally set for discussion by the Town Board on Feb. 23; however, proceedings were postponed because of the ice storm that caused power outages in the Burlington area.

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