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‘Boom’ causes rumblings in Kansasville

By Jennifer Eisenbart


Kansasville and Dover residents looking for an answer to Saturday’s loud noise are still waiting for an explanation.

Described as an explosion by some and a sonic boom as others, residents near Eagle Lake at about 5:30 p.m. Saturday started phoning 911 regarding an explosion.

The only problem? The Racine County Sheriff’s Department and Kansasville Fire couldn’t find anything.

“We investigated it and nothing found,” said Kansasville Fire Chief Scott Remer. “We have no cause or origin.

“I heard a lot of things about ‘my house shook,’” he added.

Area residents also flooded social media seeking an explanation for what happened. On a local area ‘buy, sell, trade’ list on Facebook, people referred to the noise as something “blowing up” and said the noise shook homes.

Another person later explained there were some fireworks going off, and called the situation “all good.” However, that was about two hours after the initial report.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Warden Mike Hirschboeck said ice heaves on the lake could have created a loud booming noise.


  1. It could be the Mystery Booms, look it up on youtube, its a real thing!

  2. Ice Quakes we’re heard earlier this winter. Something very common in Wisconsin. When water seeps into cracks, it freezes and causes the ground/rock to separate causing an explosive sound/feeling. When the ice thaws, wouldn’t the rock/ground move again, thus making the same sound! We’ve thought a train derailed or something exploded as well.

  3. We are about 10 miles East of Kansasville on Gittings Rd. We too heard the boom. It was quite loud. Not fireworks in Kansasville.

  4. Did a meteor or small comet explode over Kansasville WI?

  5. I can’t believe you peaple don’t know what this was.