Requester convinces officials that it won’t be a nuisance

By Jason Arndt

Staff Writer

After several public hearings, where residents and businesses alike voiced opposition to a proposed gravel pit, the City of Burlington Common Council on Thursday endorsed a rezone application from Reesman Co. at a special meeting.

Reesman Co., a Burlington-based business, earned approval after addressing concerns from both businesses and residents related to the planned gravel pit at 808-892 McHenry Street.

While the entire parcel encompasses 77 total acres, the northern lot consisting of 53.8 acres will be used for mineral extraction and quarrying activities, with the rest immediately available for light industrial development consistent with the nearby original Burlington industrial park.

JR Reesman, Chairman of Reesman Co., did not issue any significant comments following Common Council on Thursday.

However, in previous meetings, he told city officials the gravel mining operation is critical to keeping his company in business.

“We use aggregate every single day, it is our primary material. Without it, we’d be shut down,” Reesman previously said. “The projects we do for municipalities and customers would not get done without this critical material.”

The plan consists of removing the hilly terrain, which would be leveled out to accommodate future light industrial development, with officials estimating 200,000 tons of materials would be produced annually from the property.

According to a narrative submitted to city officials from Reesman, based on operating 40 weeks a year, the site will see 5,000 tons removed every week or 45 loads per day.

“It is anticipated that material will leave the site at a consistent rate,” the narrative states, adding most, if not all, traffic would be limited to the Burlington Bypass and not Market Street.

To read the full story, see the Dec. 22 edition of the Burlington Standard Press.