Catholic Central quarterback Max Robson breaks free for a long run during the season-opening game against Montello this season. Robson, who suffered a concussion in last week’s game is among the players expected to miss this week’s action. (Photo by Mike Ramczyk)


It seems like the theme of last week was adversity.

With plenty of injuries across the Southern Lakes Conference in Week 5, the football season took a turn as Burlington lost starting quarterback Jack Sulik (broken collarbone), Catholic Central quarterback Max Robson went down with a concussion and Union Grove’s Cody Cotton, one of the state’s leading rushers, left the game and didn’t return.

Injuries are simply part of the football season, but teams aren’t always able to recover when they lose their top players.

The same rules apply to life.

When we have setbacks at home, work or wherever, it’s sometimes tough to recover right away and adjustments and healing can take time.

      While my 7-year-old Coraline Rose just started second grade at Waller and seems to love it (even though she isn’t going to school with cousin Luke for the first time), and her soccer season is a blast, little Roman, my 2-year-old boy, continues to go through major changes.

The past few weeks, we’ve been struggling as parents handling Roman’s recent lethargic moods and alarming digestion issues.

Food has been going through him so fast, we’ve been afraid he hasn’t gained weight rapidly enough.

He’s mostly happy and healthy and has a great appetite, but something just isn’t right.

After a series of suspicious diapers, it was time to go to Roman’s pediatrician and get some tests at Children’s Hospital.

It turned into a week of five doctor appointments in four days, with a physical therapy session sprinkled in on Friday.

With Roman’s rough beginnings with surgeries at Children’s Hospital, we have always erred on the side of caution with everything, really, and he is doing great overall.

But last week, we learned he has Celiac disease, which is basically an immune system reaction where your body doesn’t absorb gluten.

So, this guy has to go gluten free. We’ve had to change his diet, but luckily there is gluten-free bread, snacks and pizza, his favorite.

I shed a tear at McDonald’s the other day, thinking I’ll never really give him a Happy Meal. But I’m sure Ronald will be OK.

Daddy could struggle, because sharing fries with him, though unhealthy, is always a cute scene.

The adjustment is a big one, and we are trying our best, and honestly it seems he is feeling better already after about six days of a new diet.

Digestion is much better, and his energy is slowly starting to rebound. So adversity really, really sucks sometimes and is hard to digest.

Things can really seem hopeless, and we’ve cried plenty of times, and laughed, and cried again.

I was just crying late Tuesday night watching “Terms of Endearment,” praying that my cancer doesn’t come back (I’ve hit the 2-year mark, which is a major milestone and reduces my risk of recurrence greatly, and my latest bloodwork was good!).

I know, the fact I’m 39 and know that movie is weird.

Sorry, I’m not sorry. Gladly, none of my boys will read this and know I watch Debra Winger movies.

Adversity afflicts athletes, students, parents, kids and everyone, and our experience with Roman and my cancer have taught us to keep fighting and getting back up, no matter what.

I am going to stop preaching because I’m not always that strong. But writing this stuff down can be very therapeutic.

Speaking of therapy, the Green Bay Packers got some much-needed healing with a beat-down of the lowly Detroit Lions Monday night.

Of course, Aaron Rodgers was crying to the media about how mean they were to him after the first game.

Finally, football fans are in for a treat Saturday at noon as 18th-ranked Wisconsin battles No. 12 Notre Dame at Soldier Field.

Enjoy your weekend, catch some football, and remember – you are stronger than you know, and you will get through whatever adversity you are facing.

Here are the week six predictions. Record – Last week: 5-0; Season: 16-4


Game of the Week

Kenosha St. Joseph (5-0, 3-0 MCC) at Burlington Catholic Central (4-1, 2-1)

Brad Aushmus, Jayden Gordon and DeAndre Baptiste are just three of many talented playmakers on the Lancers, who have beaten opponents by an average of 38 points.

One of the best teams in the state in Division 6, St. Joseph made easy work of Christian Life, a team that took the Toppers to overtime before losing last week.

With their quarterback likely to be held out with a concussion, the Toppers will have their work cut out for them.

Though Catholic Central could play a perfect game to pull out this victory, that is simply too much to ask of any team.

PREDICTION: Kenosha St. Joe’s 45, Catholic Central 17


Waterford (2-3, 1-2) at Westosha Central (3-2, 1-2)

I can’t remember the last time the Falcons beat the Wolverines.

It has certainly not happened in the past decade.

What I’m trying to say is that the Wolverines have dominated the SLC forever, and even though they’re down a bit this year and the Falcons have an uptick in talent with 1,000-yard rusher Jakob Simmons, the state’s second-leading rusher, history will repeat itself.

PREDICTION: Waterford 23, Westosha Central 22


Other area predictions

  • Lake Geneva Badger 45, Burlington 12
  • Elkhorn 13, Wilmot 9
  • Union Grove 63, Delavan-Darien 0