Downtown businesses now have more leeway

By Dave Fidlin


An effort touted as attracting new businesses and retaining existing ones in the heart of Union Grove’s commercial corridor is officially on the village’s books after a recent affirmative vote.

The Village Board on Sept. 13 voted, 5-2, in support of an ordinance that revises Union Grove’s existing sign regulations for businesses in the downtown district.

“The ordinance relaxes some of the sign regulations for the downtown area and streamlines the permit process by not requiring downtown businesses to get approval from the Community Development Authority on their sign proposal,” Village Administrator Mike Hawes said.

The changes include revising the size limits for ground signs, which now may be up to 32 square feet of sign face, per side, at the lot line and up to 4 square feet in size when the size is at least 5 feet from the lot line.

Other changes include more flexibility for window signs, which now can encompass up to 50 percent of a window in a traditional sense. Professionally installed perforated vinyl window sings can take up 100 percent of a window.

Another change that is a reversal from past practice is the removal of a permit fee provision for businesses interesting in installing temporary banners outside storefronts.

Trustees Gordon Svendsen and Jan Winget voted against the ordinance.

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