This engineer’s drawing shows the planned layout of the Canopy Hill housing development proposed in Union Grove.

Intersections near Canopy Hill should operate ‘safely and efficiently’

By Dave Fidlin


Increased traffic on major roadways near the large-scale Canopy Hill housing development is not expected to have an adverse impact on the overall area, according to a new study, assuming several tweaks are made.

Union Grove officials in March made the final sets of pivotal approvals on Canopy Hill, a 160-acre, multi-use housing development set to take root off Highway 45, north of 7th Avenue, on the village’s north side.

While many of the granular details associated with Canopy Hill — including creation of a new tax-incremental district, or TID, to fund infrastructure improvements — have been solidified, there are lingering issues, including a traffic impact analysis.

To that end, the village commissioned a firm, Traffic Analysis and Design Inc., tasked with looking at existing infrastructure and how it would withstand future traffic counts. Members of the village’s Water, Wastewater, Storm Water and Streets Committee on March 30 discussed the report.

Traffic Analysis and Design did note some concerns in specific areas, but, on the whole, did not raise any major red flags in its analysis.

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