Assessor fielding property owners’ queries about the process, home values

By Dave Fidlin


Several weeks have passed since Union Grove’s assessor sent out revised valuations to property owners across the village, and questions on the numbers have reportedly been funneling into his office.

Village Administrator Mike Hawes provided an update on the recently completed revaluation at a Village Board meeting June 14. Jim Henke of Racine-based DH Assessments LLC undertook the extensive project.

During the update, Hawes said Henke has fielded around 40 calls from property owners about his methodology and how the revised figures were reached. Hawes, who said he has been in regular contact with Henke, said about half of the calls have been resolved after the preliminary discussion.

“He is trying to address a vast majority of these before open book,” Hawes said.

The village is holding an open book for property owners wishing to discuss their assessments. It will be held from June 28 to July 2.

Additionally, the board of review will convene on Aug. 4 for any property owners wishing to contest Henke’s assessments.

Hawes said he continues to encourage property owners to act now with any assessment-related questions while this window of opportunity is still available.

“I certainly hope that whoever has questions brings them up,” Hawes said. “It’s too late when (property owners) get their tax bill and have questions at that time.”

The village has discussed for several years the need to have a complete revaluation across the entire community to bring figures in line with existing market realities.

During a discussion earlier this spring, Henke said Union Grove’s assessment levels, prior to the revaluation, hovered around 80%, putting the village 10% below state requirements.

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