By SLN staff

Voters throughout the area will have their final chance Tuesday to narrow the field of candidates for November’s General Election.

Primary elections are slated for Tuesday, Aug. 9, in all of the area’s state Assembly districts and in one of the two Senate districts.

These are in addition to the primary races at the top of the ballot, namely the race for Republican candidate for governor and Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate.

Polls in all communities open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. People with questions about the voting process should contact the municipal clerk in their community.

In Wisconsin primary elections, voters must cast their ballots exclusively in one political party. Ballots that have votes for races in both parties will be voided.


Who’s on the ballot?

The Republican race for governor is down to three candidates: Rebecca Kleefisch, Tim Michels and Timothy Ramthun. Two other candidates have dropped out the race, but their names still appear on the ballot.

Other races on the Republican side of the ballot include:

  • Lieutenant Governor – Candidates: Patrick Testin, Will Martin, Klye Yedes, Roger Roth, Dave Varnam, Cindy Werner, David King, and Jonathan Wichmann.
  • Attorney General – Candidates: Eric Toney, Kaaren Mueller, Adam Jarchow.
  • Secretary of State – Candidates: Amy Laudenbeck, Jay Schroeder, Justin Schmidtka.
  • State Treasurer – Candidates: John Leiber, Orlando Owens
  • U.S. Senator: Candidates: Ron Johnson, David Schroeder.

On the Democratic side of the ballot the race for the U.S. Senate and a chance to take on Republican Sen. Ron Johnson in November has fizzled.

Current Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes is the prohibitive favorite after his closest rivals – Alex Lasry and Sarah Godlewski – dropped out of the race in recent weeks. The names of eight total candidates, including those who dropped out, remain on the ballot.

Other primaries on the Democratic side of the ballot are:

  • Lieutenant Governor – Candidates: Peng Her, Sara Rodriguez.
  • Secretary of State – Candidates Doug La Follette, Alexia Sabor.
  • State Treasurer – Candidates: Aaron Richardson, Angelito Tenorio, Gillian Battino


Local representatives

Most local voters will also have the chance to cast primary ballots for their state Assembly and Senate representatives. All of the contested seats are on the Republican side of the ballot. The candidates, by district, are:


State Senate

  • 21st District (Includes all of Assembly Districts 62 and 63 and a portion of 83) – Incumbent Van Wanggaard vs. Jay Stone.


State Assembly

  • 32nd District (Includes towns of Lyons, Spring Prairie and Wheatland, and a portion of the Town of Burlington) – Incumbent Tyler August vs. Bart Williams.
  • 63rd District (Includes City of Burlington, villages of Rochester and Union Grove, towns of Dover and Yorkville, and the majority of the Town of Burlington) – Incumbent Assembly Speaker Robin Vos vs. Adam Steen.
  • 83rd District (includes village and town of Waterford) – Pat Goldammer vs. Nick Rettinger.


To see a sample ballot for the Racine County Partisan Primary Election follow this link: SAMPLE BALLOT