By Jennifer Eisenbart


A new retail development for the Kohl’s/Pick ‘n Save lot at 980 Milwaukee Ave. got preliminary approval Tuesday night at the City of Burlington Plan Commission meeting.

The Peter Scherrer Group presented its site plan application and got unanimous approval pending signing clarification from the city attorney.

The new development will face Milwaukee Avenue to the south end of Pick ‘n Save, next to what is undeveloped land and parking.

Both Pick ‘n Save and Kohl’s gave their approval for the site plan. There are two planned, multi-tenant buildings, though just the first was approved Tuesday.

The only sticking point Tuesday night was signage, as there were questions about whether signs wrapping around buildings would violate city ordinances.

However, the proposal will be reviewed by City Attorney John Bjelajac. Both city staff and Leslie and Peter Scherrer of the Peter Scherrer Group said the reciprocal easement agreement put in place in 2007 when the lot first began development would allow for the proposed signage.

The only other concern was materials being used to construct the building, and it conforming with the Kohl’s and Pick ‘n Save buildings.

Leslie Scherrer explained that the goal is to use stone veneer, hardy plank and cloth and metal awnings, similar to what is across the street at Landmark Credit Union.

“Do you want buildings that all look the same, or do you want variety?” Alderman Tom Vos asked. “I vote for the variety.”