Heroin Crisis

Where to get help for a heroin addiction

Inpatient treatment Many heroin addicts will require inpatient or residential treatment to overcome their addiction. Below is a list of the treatment centers that offer such services in southeast Wisconsin: Mt. Zion House: offers two residential options: for men, 2330 Highway 120 in Lake Geneva, (262) 249-8934; for women, 428 […]


Heroin deaths motivate her to act

Cindi Schweitzer, founder of iCare, asks a student at the Heroin Summit at Waterford Union High School in May to promise to visit the iCare website and educate himself on the area’s drug problem and how he can help.

Local woman creates agency to help deal with drug addiction By Tracy Ouellette Staff Writer Caught in the judicial system, traveling to hell and back or on a mortician’s slab are the three paths the lives of heroin users take once they try the addictive, all-consuming drug, officials said during […]


A spiral to hell on heroin’s highway

Former heroin addict Eva Lawson never thought she'd stoop so low as to cook and inject the highly addictive drug. However, eventually she did as she continued to spiral in the grip of the drug.

Woman is determined to reclaim a normal life after hitting bottom By Annette Newcomb Staff Writer Just hours after giving birth to her first daughter, Eva Lawson knew immediately she liked the way the pain medication made her feel. A lot. “I knew I was addicted to the feeling right […]


How a young heroin addict operates

How a young heroin addict operates

By Patricia Bogumil Staff Writer Town of Waterford Police Chief Tom Ditscheit recalls the story of one young heroin addict who attended Waterford High School and who still lives and works nearby. Police first became aware of him during a traffic incident in Milwaukee County during which needles and other […]


The slippery slope

Law enforcement and medical authorities say prescription painkillers have become a gateway to heroin for many drug abusers. The relative ease of getting painkillers – after injury or surgery – often leads to abuse that sometimes evolves into heroin use.

How overuse of painkillers becomes a heroin crisis By Jennifer Eisenbart Staff Writer When Aurora Health Care Dr. Lance Longo first came to Wisconsin to practice in 1996, opiates and heroin were issues for the east coast – not for Wisconsin. “Wisconsin was still the land of beer and cheese,” […]


Using – and abusing – everyone who cares

Using – and abusing – everyone who cares

Heroin creates addicts, destroys communities Heroin use is seen as a problem for other people’s families, not a problem close to home – until proven otherwise. By then, it’s too late to start talking prevention. “Most people don’t know what’s going on right under their nose,” said Waterford Town Police […]


It respects no boundaries

Patricia Hanson, Racine County’s deputy district attorney speaks about the downfall and death by overdose of her heroin-addicted cousin Nick (whose image is projected in the background) during an emotional presentation May 6 in Burlington. Even with her access to criminal justice and rehabilitation resources, Hanson was unable to break heroin’s grip on Nick. (Photo by Ed Nadolski)

Prosecutor’s personal story illustrates heroin’s devastation By Ed Nadolski Editor in Chief Nick was your typical Racine County teenager. He played sports and got respectable grades in high school. During the summer he displayed a joyous, sometimes reckless, abandon as a member of the Browns Lake Aquaducks water ski show […]


What is heroin?

What is heroin?

Here is a primer on how to recognize modern-day heroin and what it does to users from the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s heroin education campaign, theflyeffect.com. WHAT IS HEROIN? Heroin (also called boy, white, cheeva, brown sugar, H, Juan and tar) is an illegal and highly addictive drug that can […]


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